Work Experience

Engineering Manager

In March 2013 I was placed in charge of the engineering department at Freo Group Pty Ltd, I worked in this role until March 2015 when I moved to Canberra to complete a masters degree in mathematics. In addition to still performing the duties of a Cranes & Lifting Engineer my new duties included:

  • Prioritising work within the engineering department.

  • Approving all expenditures on rigging equipment and crane support.

  • Ensuring the engineering department meets performance targets.

  • Selecting, interviewing, and hiring engineers for the engineering department.

  • Developing the knowledge and skills of engineers within the engineering department.

  • Providing technical expertise for capital expenditure planning.

  • Driving continuous improvement within the engineering department, including transition from 2D to 3D drawings.

  • Visited sister company (Sterling Crane) in Canada to compare systems and trade engineering expertise.

Cranes & Lifting Engineer

From February 2011 to February 2013 I was a cranes & lifting engineer at Freo Group Pty Ltd. My main responsibility was the development of basic to comprehensive lift studies with AutoCAD for cranes up to 750 tonne. Other duties included:

  • Attending client meetings for tender, scoping, planning, safety and mobilization discussions.

  • Providing technical support to HSEQ department for incident investigations.

  • Designing and implementing internal technical and operational documentation and procedures.

  • Developing lift solutions for cranes up to 1600 tonne for tendering.

  • Developing transport studies for floats, platform and SPMT’s.

  • Developing transport plans for mobilizations of crawlers and large hydraulic cranes.

  • Developing recovery plans for damaged/stranded heavy equipment.

  • Preparing and advising installation methods to meet the highest operational and safety standards.

  • Ascertaining and providing general technical support for crane issues.

  • Spent 4 months seconded to United Group Limited at Jimblebar mine site on a 3 - 1 FIFO roster during which an independent audit found quality of lift studies to be world class.

Postal Delivery Officer

From 2007 to 2010 I worked part-time as a postal delivery officer for Australia Post while completing my Bachelor of Engineering.