2022 Organiser for Categories and Companions Symposium 2022

2021 Prize Committee for Australian Kittens 2021: A Meeting of Early Career Researchers in Category Theory and Homotopy Theory

2019 Organiser for graduate student seminar at the Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) of The Australian National University

2019 Organiser for algebraic topology cinema club MSI

2018 Organiser for homological algebra reading group at MSI

2017 Organiser for homotopy type theory reading group at MSI

Chalk Evangelism

I conducted destruction testing to justify the purchase of Hagoromo chalk by the Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University. When the department moved into a new building in 2018 I was interviewed by university media about the presence of blackboards in the building. This lead to a Canberra Times cover story and an interview on the local ABC radio station.


In 2019 I built a lightboard in order to film videos mathematics videos for my YouTube channel.

My lightboard is now being used within ANU to produce teaching videos across many different faculties, examples can be seen here.

Algebraic Topology Cinema Club Resources

Recordings from MSRI (see the Schedule, Notes/Handouts & Videos section):

Recordings from the 'Homotopy harnessing higher structures' program at INI last year:

Recordings of algebraic topology talks given at Reed College

Recordings of electronic Computational Homotopy Theory (eCHT) talks

Recordings from 'Chromatic Homotopy Theory: Journey to the Frontier'